Second Life: 3

    Welcome to the TRC Second Life wiki.    Here we will post resources to help our Newbies get a good foundation in Second Life as well as share resources for more advanced users.  Any group member can submit a new page. The Second Life blog will be used to journal our experiences in Second Life and announce meeting opportunities online.  Our initial goal for participation in Second Life will be to support building community across the state with our science and mathematics STEM community. This includes participating k12 educators and the science and mathematics Instructional Team Members at participating universities and education service centers.  Second Life will be one of a suite of community building, collaboration, and communication tools used to build the TRC Online Learning Community, supporting our professional development programs.

    Our Second Life Conference Center, The STEM Colloquium

    Colloquium Image
    Home base for the group in Second Life will be the STEM Colloquium conference center which provides several venues for getting together in Second Life, Including:
    • A stage / podium formal presentation setting with supporting screens for Slides, white board for audience posting, and a live and archived video screen.
    • a six person conference table for planning meetings,
    • an informal lounge area for impromptu gatherings,
    • Director  Larry Klugman's office,
    • a campfire meeting area for open discussion,
    • a building area supported by a Prim generation tool,
    • and teleport system to give access to other resources on the UT Second Life Sim.