Podcasting Central Home Page

Welcome to Podcasting Central for the Texas Regional Collaboratives Online Community.  Podcasting Central will provide a forum for sharing:
  • iTunes tips.
  • iPod how to items.
  • authoring tips and techniques, 
  • science and math podcast content reviews,
  • and general journaling of our exploration and use of podcasting.

Which Online Tools?

We will be using both the wiki, blog, and podcasting tools for this purpose.  What is a wiki?  Think of a wiki as an online reference web site that allows all group members to contribute content in the form of a new page per topic.  We will maintain a linked table of content this the wiki home page.  A blog can be thought of as a more informal online journal and the structure is such that the latest item is located at the top, "last in""first out."  Each blog post can optionally have a video or audio media element attached.  That media will automatically become part of a podcast series associated with this forum. As such community members can subscribe in iTunes and even transfer the media to an iPod for portable access.

Explain by Example

If I compose a list of useful audio capture software for Windows and Macintosh, I would post this list in the wiki as a reference page that everyone in the group could add to.  If I just received a specific software for authoring podcasts, I might use the blog to journal my experiences, i.e. the problems I encountered and how I solved them and of course the successes I had.  A journal being maintained by a group is somewhat problematic, in that one author (A) might post 3 journal entries across a week. A second contributor (B) could easily wind up posting items that were intermingled with author A's post. We will work out a process using tags that will make it easy to follow one contributors content. 


Anyone who is in the group for Podcast Central will be able to contirbute and edit content through out the blog and wiki pages.  Contributing will require logging in.  Any TRC educators can view and learn from the content without logging in.
    For more information about using the wiki, click Help at the bottom of the page