Participant Detail View

    Note: Click images to enlarge the view

    Upper Section

    The upper portion of the Participant Detail View contains the Participant's contact informaiont, School/District information and Status information.

    Participant Detail View Upper
    If you are entering Participants using the Master List, then much of this information will be filled in for you. However, you must be sure to mark whether the Participant is a Science or Math participant. Participants who are not marked Science or Math will not be picked up by the reports. And, yes, a Participant can be both so if your Collaborative tends to have a lot of Participants taking part in both programs, you might want to search for likely participants before entering them to make sure your Math/Science counterpart hasn't already entered them.

    Educator Info

    This tab covers the Educator Info portion of the Participant Data Form. If you are using the Master List to enter participants, then some of this information will be filled in for you.

    Participant Educator Data Tab

    Note on Member Type:

    Science Cadre = CM
    Math Cadres = CM
    Science Mentor = STM
    Math Mentor = MTM
    OPD = Outreach Professional Development (This is a new one)
    Also note the grayed out boxes at the bottom. You don't have to worry about those either. They're auto-filled in based on who you are and which Collaborative you're working for.

    Classroom Data

    Classroom Data Tab
    Note: If the participant you're entering is not marked as a Classroom Teacher in the Educator Info tab, then you do not need to fill in this information. This information is used only for Classroom Teachers.

    Note on Demographics

    1. You do not need to fill in the totals field. It will be calculated automagically.
    2. Please pay attention to the numbers you are entering. Adding an extra 0 to the end of a number can greatly skew the data in our reports. Also some participants mistakenly enter the student numbers for their entire school on the Participant Data Form, this also greatly skews our data. As in the image above, if the numbers look too high for a particular school/grade/subject, then they probably are and should be verified.


    This is a brand new feature for 2008-2009. The Mentoring tab allows you to associate Science and Math Cadres (CMs) to a Mentor (STM/MTM). In the Report section, there is a report which lists Mentors and the associated Cadres. If the Participant you are entering is not a Mentor, then you can simply skip this tab.

    Participant Mentoring Tab

    Note: Creating Mentor-Cadre associations is not a requirement for the 2008-2009 year. It is simply a feature that some Collaboratives have asked for in the past and we feel it may be a useful tool for managing Participants.

    How to create a Mentor-Cadre association

    1. You must have at least one Mentor and one Cadre Participant entered into the system to use this tab.
    2. The Participant you're wishing to associate Cadre Members to must be marked as either a Science Mentor or a Math Mentor.
    3. When this tab loads, there will be a list of available Cadre Members in the left-and section.
    4. To create an association, simply click the Cadre Member's name and they will be added to the list in the blue section.
    5. To remove an association, simply click the red delete icon next to the Cadre Member's name in the blue section.


    This section simply covers the certification section of the Participant Data Form.

    participant_detail_cert.jpgNote the addition of blanks for University names and degrees earned. This is new for 2008-2009.


    This section is tied to the Training Events tab. When you create an event and then mark Participants as having attented that event in the Training Detail screen, this section of the Participant's record gets updated.

    Participant Training Records
    The total hours shown at the bottom of the tab is updated automagically as new Training Events are added via the Training Events section.

    Note 1: If a Participant does not complete the full hours of a Traning Event, it is here that you would correct their hours. For Example, you hold a 3 day event work 18 hours and the Participant misses one of the days, you would select the hours field for that event and change the default hours earned (18) to the correct hours earned, which would be 12.

    Note 2: For technical reasons, it is not possible to add a Participant to a Training Event through this tab, that can only happen through the Training Event screen itself.


    The bottom of the Participant Details screen has a series of buttons and other info, which you will need to be familiar with.


    New - Use Master

    Click to add a new Participant record using the Master List look-up mehtod

    New Record

    Click to add a new Participant record from scratch


    Click to enter the Search mode

    Show All

    Click to remove any Search filters and view all records


    Remove a Participant Record permanently.

    Zoom Out/In

    For those of you with large screens and/or poor eyesight (like me), this will zoom the entire screen and make everything bigger.

    First, Previous, Next, Last

    Use these buttons to navigate through your records.

    Created by / Modified by information

    This section will display the name of the user who created the active record and the date/time of its creation. It will also list the user who last modified the active record and the data/time of its last modification.