Quick Help: 2010-11 Getting Started

TRC DataCenter 2010-11: Getting Started

The following instructions will help you get started using the 2010-11 DataCenter. If after reading this and any linked documentation you still have questions, please let me know.

Connecting to the DataCenter:

To access the 2010-11 DataCenter, you will connect just as you did to access the 2009-10 system, with one exception.

This year, the file you select will be: TRC_DataCenter_2010_11

If you are a new user or need a refresher, updated instructions for using FileMaker Open Remote to connect to the DataCenter can be found here:
Connecting to a remote host in Filemaker

Carry-over Data:

Participant records entered before July 31, 2010 have been moved forward to the new system. This means any returning Participants will not need to have a new record created from scratch. You'll simply need to Find, Activate and Update the records of returning Participants for the 2010-11 grant year.

Participants carried forward from 2008-09 to the 2009-10 DataCenter who were NOT activated during the 2009-10 year were not moved forward to the 2010-11 DataCenter. This was done to reduce the overall size of the database and to remove a large number of duplicate records which were found in the system. It seems that rather than re-activating and updating the older records, many of those participants were simply re-added as new records. Creating duplicate records can cause confusion, inaccurate reporting and search results. This is why the Find, Activate, Update process is so important.

The Find, Activate, Update Process

How to Find, Activate and Update


There are 3 ways to find a Participant:
  1. Sort the List View: When in Participant List mode, Click the column header (ex: Last Name) to sort results by that column. (This provides an easy way to Activate multiple Participants at one time.)
  2. Search in List View: Click the search button near the top of the window and fill in the name of the Participant you're looking for, then press the return/enter key. (Click the Show all button to get back to where you were.)
  3. Search in the Detail View: Click the Search button located along the bottom of the window. and fill in the name of the Participant you're looking for, then press the return/enter key. (Click the Show all button to get back to where you were.)


2009-10 Participant records carried over into the 2010-11 DataCenter will initially be set to an "inactive" state.
Inactive = Active checkbox is unchecked.
= Active checkbox is checked.
In order to work with a returning participant, users will first need to activate the Participant's record by checking the Active checkbox for that record.

There are two ways to Activate a Participant:

  1. Use the sort method described above and then simply go down the list and Activate each returning participant by checking the Active checkbox. (Hint: When in Participant List View, you can click the "Show Science" or "Show Math" buttons to only show Participants who were marked as Science or Math in 2009-10.)
  2. When viewing a Participant's record in the Detail View, simply check the Active checkbox.


Once you've activated a returning Participant's record, the next step will be to edit and update their record with current information. We're bringing over the data for most sections. Of course there is some information specific to each year which will need to be made current and there may even be some existing data which needs to be edited to bring it up to date for 2010-11.

Note: Inactive Participants will not show up on any reports, so don't forget that first step.

Of course any new 2010-11 Participants will have to be entered from scratch using the Add New Participant button which most of you are already familiar with.

If you need a refresher on entering Participants or Events check out these Quick Help how-to's.

Adding Participants:
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Adding Events/Hours:
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Other documentation can be found here:
DataCenter Documentation