Connecting to a remote host in Filemaker

    Connect to Remote Host

    The DataCenter is located on the TRC's server, so to access it you will need to use the "Open Remote" feature of Filemaker.

    Note: I'll fill in the actual host info when I'm ready to open the system to users.

    1. Launch Filemaker

    1a. If Filemaker opens an initial dialog box asking you to open or create a new database, just cancel or close the dialog.

    2. Under the file menu select Open Remote

    2a. Make sure the "View" dropdown is set to "Favorite Hosts".

    3. Select Host in Hosts window

    3.1 If no hosts listed, click the Add button

    3.2 In the field labelled "Host's Internet Address" enter: thetrc.org

    3.3 In the field labelled "Favorite Host's Name" enter: TRC DataCenter

    3.4 Click Save (the window will close)

    4. When host is selected a list of files will load into the Available Files window

    5. Select file you wish to open:

    Select TRC_DataCenter_2010_11 to connect to the 2010-2011 DataCenter
    Select TRC_DataCenter_2009_10 to connect to the 2009-2010 DataCenter
    Select TRC_Data_System to connect to the 2008-2009 DataCenter

    Once selected, click the "Add to Favorites" button

    6. Click "Open" button

    7. Login Dialog will appear. Enter Username/Password and click Okay

    8. DataCenter application should begin loading. Depending on your connection speed and the load on the server, this could take a few moments.