A Note on Required and Important Fields

    Participant Detail View

    When you create a new Record in the Participant Detail View, you'll notice that a number of fields are marked Red or Yellow.

    Participant Detail View with Labels

    This has been done to draw attention the fields which are most important and to remind users of fields that have been left blank.

    These fields are either necessary for a Participant to be able to do do things like be credited with attending Training Events or enter into a Mentor-Cadre association. These are also the fields which are used most in report generation and having them blank can lead to skewed data or your collaborative not receiving full credit for your hard work.

    To help you track any "missing data", which may exist there is a report that tracks these fields and will generate a list of Participants whose records are missing vital data.

    Training Event Detail View

    The same is true of Training Events. If an event is missing crucial information, then you will not be able to add participants to the event and credit them with training hours. So please pay attention to these fields.

    Training Detail View with Labels