Quick Help: Interim Report 2 (2010-11)

    This page will let you know how to complete Interim Report 2 online using the DataCenter.

    There are 3 basic sections to creating your Interim Report.

    1. Completing the Report Forms: Creating the content of the report itself. Some of these forms will be filled with information pulled directly from the database. Others will require manual input.
    2. Creating the Report: This will involve turning the various forms mentioned above into a single report.
    3. Uploading your Report and other collateral documents to the TRC document server (Conveniently built into the DataCenter itself.)

    Accessing the Director's section of the DataCenter.

    This section will tell you how to go about accessing the Director's section of the DataCenter.

    This section has special user privileges, so not everyone with a DataCenter account may access it. Only users designated as Primary Directors may have access.

    1. Know who your Primary Director is.

    Your Collaborative's report is tied to the login the Project Direct who is noted in the DataCenter as the Primary Director. We have done this for two reasons.
    1.1 To make sure that each Collaborative only submits one official report

    1.2 To make sure that a Project Director is responsible for knowing what is in the report submitted by their Collaborative. (Increasingly Collaboratives are relying on Admins and other workers for DataCenter related tasks. We feel that this not a task that should be completed without the knowledge, input and approval of the Project Director.)
    If you do not know who the Primary Director is for your Collaborative, please contact Stephen Gray stephen.gray@mail.utexas.edu for assistance.

    2. Login to the DataCenter using the Primary Director's username and password.

    3. Go to the Participants Detail view and click the Directors button located in the button bar across the top of the screen. (This button is grayed out for non-Primary Directors.)

    You are now looking at the Director Detail screen. The upper portion of this screen displays information about the Primary Director and some basic grant information for your Collaborative.
    A line of tabs dividing the upper and lower portions of the screen with a tab corresponding to each of the Reports for the 2010-11 grant year. The last tab takes you to the document upload and storage system.

    Report 1 Detail View

    Completing the Report Forms

    This section will tell you how to complete each of the forms included in this report.

    1. To complete the forms of the report, click each of the form buttons (Form A - Form H) in order to create and complete each form.
    2. When you click on a form button, the form will open in a new window. At the same time a second window will open with specific information/instructions about how to complete the form. Each instruction page can be printed or PDF'd for future reference.
    Forms in Interim Report A:
    Form A: Cover Sheet
    Form B: Instructional Timeline
    Form C: ITM Report
    (For information on entering your ITMs into the DataCenter consult the ITM Module documentation.)
    Form D: Program Abstract
    Form E: Contact Hours
    Form: G Training/SECO

    Form H: invoice
    3. When you have finished completing each form, you will simply click the Save/Close button. This will save the form and close the form window, returning you to the Director Detail view.

    Report Form List:

    On the right side of the Report 2 tab, you'll notice a list area. As you create your Forms, you'll notice them listed in this area. This will allow you to track which forms have been completed. A view button will allow you to review and make changes to Forms which you have already created and saved.
    The View All button above the list box will open a window which allows you to delete a Form or Forms, which you would do if you accidentally filled out more than one copy of a Form or in the unlikely event of needing to completely start over with any form.

    Creating the Report:

    This section will show you how to convert all of the forms you just created into a single report and then save PDF to your computer for your records and to upload into the document storage system.

    To create the full report for Interim Report 2, simply Click the button that reads "Create Document for Interim Report 2"
    When you click that button, the system grabs all the forms and puts them into a single PDF document. It then saves that document to your computer's harddrive.
    On Mac OSX, it will save the PDF to your "Documents" folder.
    On Windows, it will save the PDF to your "My Documents" folder on XP or just "Documents" if you're using Vista or WIndows 7.
    The filename for this document will look something like this:
    CO1001|Science|Interim Report 2|10 - 13 - 2010 104706 AM.pdf
    CO102|Math|Interim Report 2|10 - 13 - 2010 112335 AM.pdf
    The first number is your Collaborative's ID# inside the DataCenter and the last string of numbers is a time/date stamp for the document.
    Find and remember the name of the PDF file on your computer, you'll need to know that for the next part of the process.

    Document Storage System:

    Uploading your report and other collateral documents to the TRC document server

    This section will show you how to upload your report PDF and other documents to the Document Storage system


    To get to the Document Storage system from the Directors Detail screen simply click the tab labeled "Document Storage"

    Documentation to be uploaded

    There are also 6 documents that you will need to upload as part of this report.

    Collateral Documents List:
    1. Interim Report 2 PDF
    2. Agendas and Sign-in Sheets from 10/01/2010 through 2/28/2011**
    3. Instructional Timeline (Optional, if not contained in Form B.)
    ** Please scan these into one PDF document each.

    Uploading Your Documents

    For each document you need to upload, perform the following actions.
    1. Click the Select and Upload Document button locaed on the right side of the Document Storage area.
    2. This will pop open the new document upload window.

    Document Upload Window
    3. Follow the instructions printed in the window itself.
    3.1 Click the Upload File button which will open a select file diaglog. Navigate to where the document you wish to upload is stored, select it and click the Choose button.
    3.2 Select or add a Document Title.
    3.2.1 If it's the Interim Report A PDF you're uploading, then just select Interim Report A.
    3.2.2 If you're uploading another document select Other then double-click where it says other. This will blank the field and allow you to type a name for the document. Such as: Leveraging Letter, Instructional Timeline Document, Training Agendas, etc.
    3.3 In the Document Type field select the type of document you are uploading: PDF, Word, Excel or other. Again, if you select other please then double-click and specify what type of file it is.
    3.4 Click the Add button to add the document. Depending on your network connection, this could take a little time.
    When the document has been uploaded, the dialog will close and the document will now show up in the document list.
    You've now successfully saved your document to the TRC's server.

    When you have uploaded your Interim Report 2 PDF and collateral documents, you have completed the report submission process. Yay!

    Document List View:

    The Document List view shows information about each document you have uploaded to the server.

    To view a document which you have stored on the server.

    1. Click the View button on the line of the document you wish to view.
    2. This will cause an icon and information about the document to appear in the preview area to the right of the document list.
    3. To then open the document, double click the document's icon or even anywhere in the preview area. The document will open locally on your computer using whatever application is appropriate for viewing that document type. (Word, Excel, Acrobat, Preview, etc.)

    Deleting A Document:

    We do not recommend this, but there may be a situation where it is necessary to delete a document from the storage system.

    To delete a document:
    Click the red delete icon at the end of the row of the document you with to delete. There will be multiple "Are you sure?" dialogs to click through before the document can be deleted.