Creating and Manageing Training Events and Hours

    Traning Event List View

    The Training Events section, like the Participants section, of the DataCenter has two view modes. The list view and the detail view.

    Training Event List View
    This list view will display a list of events and has a row of buttons across the top.

    Show Science

    Shows only events marked as Science

    Show Math

    Shows only events marked as Math


    Enters Search mode


    Print list of Training Events


    Return ot the Participants section of the DataCenter

    New Event

    Create a new Training Event

    Creating a New Training Event

    • To create a new training event, first click the "Training Tab" at the top of the screen to enter the Training Evebt area of the DataCenter.
    • Click the New Event button at the top of the screen
    • You will then be taken to a blank Training Detail screen
    • Fill in the required information completely. Failing to do so will make adding Participnats and crediting them for hours very difficult. (See notes below.)
    Training Detail Upper

    Event Details Notes

    Event Title: Required (obviously)
    Event Location: Optional
    Start Data: Reauired. Click the box next to the field to select the date from the pop-up calendar
    End Date / Start Time / End Time: These are all optional fields
    Hours: Required. You must enter the hours for the event, before adding any Participants to the event, otherwise attending participants might not receive proper credit.
    Status: Required
    Event Type: Required. You may choose Science, Math or both. This is used to denote which collaborative is hosting the event as well as filter Participants.
    Teaching Level: Required. This is also used to filter attendees. At least one must be checked.
    Member Type: Required. More filtering. At least one must be checked.
    Description: Optional


    • The various filters are used to limit or expand the Participants which are displayed to choose from in the lower section of this screen.
    • The Hours field is the default number of hours that any Participant who attends this event will receive. If a Participant attends part of an event and therefore only earns partial credit, their hours can be edited in the lower section of the Event Detail screen or in the Training Tab of the Participant Detail view of their record.

    Crediting Participants with Training Hours

    The lower section of the Training Event Detail screen is where you will add Participants to an event and credit them with training hours.

    Training Detail Lower
    Participants who match the filters set in the upper section will be displayed in the gray section on the left side of the screen.

    To add Participants to an Event

    1. Click the name of a participant to move them into the attendee section of the screen.
    2. To add all Participants in the filter to the Event, click the Select All button below the gray area.

    To credit Participants with Hours

    • Click the Yes box in the Attended column on the right side of the screen.
    We made this a two-step process, so it would be possible to add Participants to an Event, before the event happens and then go back to confirm that, yes, each Participant did in fact attend and earn their hours.

    To remove a Participant from an Event

    To remove a participant from a Training event, simply click the red Delete icon on the right side of the row contianing their name.

    To modiful the hours of a Participant

    If a Participant does not receive full credit for an event and needs to have their hours reduced, you need to double click inside the Hours box next to their name and enter a new value.

    To Print a List of Attendees for the Event

    To print a list of Participants who attended an event, go to the Event Detail view for that event and click the Print Registrants List, which is below the list of attendees.

    Footer Section

    Additional Information

    Training Detail FooterSearch

    Changes to Search mode

    Show All

    Removes any search Filters

    New Event

    Create a new event. Presents the user with a blank Event Detail screen


    Deletes the current Event. Be careful with this as it will also remove any hours credited to attendees from their Participant records.

    List View

    Return to the Training Event List view

    Navigation Arrows

    Move to the First, Previous, Next, or Last event record