Interim Report C: How To Guide

    The process for completing Interim Report C will be very similar to the process used for Report A and Report B.

    This process has been broken down into 10 easy steps.

    1. Open the DataCenter

    If you need help opening the DataCenter, refer to the instructions for Connecting to a remote host in Filemaker.

    2. If your DataCenter opens in the Participant List view, then click the Participant Detail button at the top of the screen.

    3. When viewing the Participant Detail screen, click the Directors button at the top of the screen. (The Directors button is the second button from the right.)

    4. Now you are in the Directors report area and looking at the Report C forms list.

    Be sure to read the bold-print instructions on this screen before creating your forms.

    5. You will click each of the form buttons only once to create your report forms

    6. Starting with Form A, click each form and follow the instructions for filling in each form. Yes, there are only four forms for this report.

    Form A: Cover Sheet

    Form E: Contact Hours

    Form F: Training Questions

    Form G: Invoice Checklist

    7. Once you have all four (4) forms created you can move on to creating the report document and uploading it.

    Editing Note: If you need to view/edit an individual form after it has been created, click the "View" button next to the form name in the list on the right-hand side of the screen.

    8. To create the full report for Interim Report C, simply Click the button that reads "Create Document for Interim Report C"

    When you click that button, the system grabs all the forms and puts them into a single PDF document. It then saves that document to your computer's harddrive.

    On Mac OSX, it will save the PDF to your Documents folder.

    On Windows, it will save the PDF to your My Documents folder.

    The filename for this document will look something like this:

    CO1001|Science|Interim Report A|10 - 13 - 2009 104706 AM.pdf

    ...or this:

    CO102|Math|Interim Report A|10 - 13 - 2009 112335 AM.pdf

    The first number is your Collaborative's ID# inside the DataCenter and the last string of numbers is a time/date stamp for the document.

    Find and remember the name of the PDF file on your computer, you'll need to know that for the next part of the process.

    9. You will now need to upload your report document and collateral documents.
    To get to the Document Storage system from the Directors Detail screen simply click the tab labeled "Document Storage"

    10. For each document you need to upload, perform the following actions.
    A. Click the Select and Upload Document button locaed on the right side of the Document Storage area.
    B. This will pop open the new document upload window.
    C. Follow the instructions printed in the window itself.
    When the document has been uploaded, the dialog will close and the document will now show up in the document list.
    You've now successfully saved your document to the TRC's server. Repeat the steps in #10 for each document you need to upload.

    Once you have uploaded your Interim Report C PDF and collateral documents, you have completed the report submission process.