Quick Help: Entering Participants

The Quick Help guides are designed to give easy step-by-step information for performing common tasks in the DataCenter. For more in depth explainations or questions, please consult the main DataCenter Documentation.

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To add a new participant:

Note on duplicates:

Please try to avoid creating duplicate records. Duplicates can have an adverse effect on search and report results. Before creating new Participant records, you should first check to see if the Participant in question already has a record available which can simply be updated with the latest information. Please refer back to Quick Help: 2010-11 Getting Started to learn about searching for and updating existing Participant records.

To Create A New Participant Record:

    1. Go to the Participant Detial View. You can do this by clicking the Participant Detail tab at the top of the Participant List screen
    2. Click the [New--User Master] button at the bottom of the Participant Detial screen
    3. Follow the 1-5 instructions in the "Select Participant" pop-up.
        1. Enter the First and Last name of the participant in the search field. Be sure to use their full name.
        2. Press the Tab key to initiate the search
        3. Select the matching participant from the results list
        4. Once you've selected the Participant, click the [Confirm] button
        5. If a match is not found, click the [Create Manual Record] button
    4. If a match was found, the system will generate a Participant Record pre-filled with information from the TEA Master List.
    5. If a match was not found, you will be presented with a blank record and you will need to fill in all fields manually.
    6. Important: In the Status are of the record, you must select the participants "Type". This means marking whether the new Participant is a Science or Math Participant. Yes, they can be both. Not performing this step will prevent the Participant from being counted towards your goals.
    7. Continue filling in or editing the information in the Participant record. Don't forget to include the Classroom Data tab (for Classroom Teachers only) and the Certification tab.
    To enter your next Participant, simply return to step one and repeat the process.

    A note on those nagging pop-ups and messages:

    There are three reminders that you may see when entering new Participant records into the DataCenter.
    • There is a pop-up that will tell you if the Primary Type (Math / Science) field is unchecked. That is because a Participant without a Type designation is not going to be able to be added to any Training/Events and will not be credited to your Collaborative in any reports.
    • There is a pop-up that will tell you if you have forgotten to enter school information for a Participant. This is because we have to be able to report which Schools and Districts our Participants belong to. This is not optional information.
    • There is some error text regarding duplicate entries. This is an experiment to try and warn users when they seem to be entering a duplicate of a Participant record that already exists.


    Schools: Adding or Changing

    It is very important that all Participant records have school information entered. It also makes reporting much easier when the school information comes from the TEA's data sources, rather than being entered manually. Entering an existing school manually can result in duplicated school records which can effect reporting accuracy. Most of the time this is not an issue, as the Participant records you are creating already have school information, but there are times when it will be necessary to add or change the school information attached to a Participant record.

    If you are creating a new Participant record using the manual method or need to change the School information for a participant, then please follow these instructions.

    To Add/Change a School for a Participant Record
    If the School you wish to add or change to is a Texas Public, Charter, or other School, likely to be in TEA's database...
    1. Click the [Add/Change (TEA)] button to the right of the School/Campus name field.
    2. The Select School/District pop-up will appear
    3. Begin typing the name of the school you are looking for into the text box.
    4. When the School you are looking for appears in the list below the text box, click the name to highlight it then click the [Select] button
    5. Click the [OK] button to confirm your selection
    6. The pop-up will now go away and the school information will be filled from the TEA's data.
    If the school you are looking for is not in the TEA list or is a private or other institution not likely to be found in TEA's database, then you will click the [Add/Change School (non-TEA)] button. This will allow you to fill in the school information manually.

    It is very important to enter school information for all participant records

    Member Type

    All participants** need to have a Member Type selected.

    They are as follows.
    Science CM
    STM (Science Teacher Mentor)
    Math CM
    MTM (Math Teacher Mentor)
    OPD (Ongoing Professional Development)
    **See BTIM Section Below for the exception to this rule.

    BTIM Participants

    • BTIM Participants must have the "BTIM Participant?" checkbox checked in order to be counted in BTIM Reports.
    • BTIM Participants must have the info in the BTIM tab filled out as well.
    • BTIM Only Participants should NOT be given a Member Type. (Meaning, participants who are only involved in the BTIM program and are not also involved in the MSP TRC Collaborative program.)
    Also, If you are entering a BTIM Only Participant, you do not need to worry about the Training or Mentoring tabs.