The New Data Center has a number of built in reports, which are located in the Reports section. They are divided between Math and Science.

    Reports Menu

    MSP Report

    Summarizes the data types asked for by the MSP Report

    Participant Training Report

    Provides a list of Participants, the Training Events they've attended and the hours they've earned.

    Participant Data Report

    Summarizes various data types for the Particpants in your Collaborative. Excludes Participants marked as OPD

    OPD Participant Data Report

    Does the same as above, but limits itself to OPD Participants

    Participant Classroom Data Report

    Summarizes information from the Classroom Data tab

    Training Summary Report

    Provides a progress report showing numbers of *TMs, CMs, total and average hours.

    Student Demographics Report

    Summarizes the Student Demographic information from Participants Records

    Missing Data Report

    Shows a list of Participants who are missing important data from their Records (Those fields labelled in Red and Yellow) and points out which sections of their records are missing said data.

    School Summary Report

    Summarizes School information, such as type and Title 1 data

    Exiting A Report

    This is another of those things that long-time Filemaker users may already know.

    Since the various reports have been created for different reasons, they are not all formatted the same way. Some have familiar buttons across the top.

    Report Buttons ExampleWhen these are present, you can simply exit the report by clicking where you want to go. Back to the Reports section or Back to the Participants Section.

    Other reports, due to their formatting do not have these buttons. For these report you will need to look for the Continue button that will be locaed in the sidebar which will appear when the report runs.

    Continue Button
    To exit one of these reports, simply click the continue button.

    A dialog will then appear that will give you some options such as Exit and Print. To exit, choose Exit and you will be taken back to the Reports Menu.


    Many Reports are basically filters that pull in certain data for display. Because of this, when you leave the Report area and go back to the Participant List View or Detail View, you may need to click the Show All button in order to remove the filter created by the report and once again have access to all of your records.