Filemaker comes with a rather robust search function built in, so if you're already a Filemaker user this will be review.

    The DataCenter is setup with Search (called "Find Mode" by Filemaker) capabilities on the following screens.
    • Participant List View
    • Participant Detail View
    • Training Event List View
    • Training Event Detail View
    • School List View
    • District List View
    Each of these screens have a convenient Search button that will activate Filemaker's Find Mode.

    Alternatively, you can access Find Mode on these screens via key command (ctl-f on Windows and cmd-f on Macintosh) or by selecting Find Mode in the View menu.

    How to Search

    • Enter Search/Find mode using by clicking the Search button or using one of the other methods mentioned above. This will present you with a blank version of whichever screen you were viewing.
    • Enter your search criteria into the fields on the screen. For Example: If you just want to view the Science Mentors for your Collaborative, then click the Science Mentor checkbox.
    • Press the Enter key to activate your search
    • The system will then process your request and display the results

    Resetting a Search Filter

    When you perform a search/find operation, what Filemaker does is in effect create a filter that only shows you the information you requested. When in this mode records outside the filter cannot be seen or accessed.

    To reset a search filter and regain access to all of your records, click the "Show All" button.


    When your working in one of the "Detail" screens, look at the Footer area of the page.

    Participant Detail Footer
    See where it says Found in the blue text? That will always be the number of records in the current filter. So when you're in "Show All" mode it will tell you your total number of records and when you've run a search it will tell you how many records match your query. So if you need to know how many Participants you have who teach Geometry, simply to a search for Geometry (located in the Classroom Data tab) and check to see how many were Found.