DataCenter FAQ #1

To make sure we share as much knowledge as possible, I'm going to start re-printing Questions I receive through email to this blog.

Can I change the number of years the participant has been a teacher and been a member of the collaborative?

Yes. The years of experience we're getting from TEA won't reflect years spent teaching out-of-state or at a private school, university/college, etc.

How do we check to see if they are in the math too? so the math secretary and I don't duplicate the information?

You may want to talk to your counterpart to come up with a strategy that works best for you, but you can always do a search for a Participant before you enter them into the system, if you think they might be in both programs.

To do this...
You can simply do a quick scan by switching to the Participant List view and sorting entered participants by name. You can also search for a specific name by clicking the search button (there's one on the Participant List view and the Participant Detail View) filling in the name you're looking for and pressing the enter key.

As this is the first year we've combined the two databases, we of course welcome any feedback and suggestions for making this work smoother.

I clicked on the new use master tab and typed in a name of a participant from last year and nothing pops up? should I just do a new record?

The name TEA knows a teacher by might not be the name that teacher writes on their form. For example: TEA might not know who Bob Wilson or Maggie Smith are, but they do know who Robert Wilson and Margaret Smith are. So you might want to try name variations or the formal versions of names, just to make sure.

If that still turns up no correct matches, then yes, you'll need to just use the "New Record" button and enter their information manually. For their School/District info you can click the "Change School (TEA)" button to choose their school from the TEA's list.

Refer to the Changing Schools article for further help with this part.