NCLB form typo and work-around

A couple people have pointed this out to me, so I'm letting everyone know what's up and how to deal with it.

In the Certification tab of the Participant Detail form, there's a "typo". The paper Participant Data Form you have says "NCLB? Yes/No/Don't know", while the online DataCenter form says "NCLB? Science/Math/Don't know".

I can't fix this easily, as it's not really just a typo but rather an incorrect data field. So here's what we're going to do.

If you're entering a Science participant and the paper form is marked "yes", then check the "Science" checkbox. Likewise, if you're entering a Math participant, check "Math" for "yes". Don't know is of course still don't know and if "No", then just don't check anything.

If you've entered NCLB info for a bunch of participants some other way don't panic, we'll sort it out later. Just make a note of it and move on for now.