Quick Help: Events and Hours: 2

    The Quick Help guides are designed to give easy step-by-step information for performing common tasks in the DataCenter. For more in depth explainations or questions, please consult the main DataCenter Documentation.

    Create a New Training Event

    1. Click the Training Event tab at the top of the screen. If haven't created any Events yet, the system will ask if that's what you want to do. If you have you'll be taken to the Training Events Detail screen.
    2. If you're taken to the Training Events Detail screen, then click the [New Event] button at the bottom of the screen. This will present you with a blank record.
    3. Fill in the information for the Event. Paying close attention to these fields:
    Event Type: The Event Type must be set to either Math or Science.
    Member Types: Your choices in this area determine which Participants are able to be credited with this Training Event. If you want everyone--just click all the boxes.
    Hours: Be sure to fill in this box before you begin adding Participants to the event, otherwise they might not be given proper credit.