ITMs: 11

As part of the TRC's ongoing project to move Collaborative project administration online, we have recently added an ITM (Instructional Team Member) section to the DataCenter. This section will be used to add and track the ITMs used by your Collaborative to provide expertise and instruction for your training programs. This section replaces the paper forms which used to be filled out and filed with TRC for this purpose.

ITM Detail View

Adding ITMs

This section will take you through the process for adding ITMs to your Collaborative.

1. While in Participant Detail screen, click the ITM button along the upper part of the window. This will take you to the ITM area.
2. If you have not yet entered any ITMs, you'll be ask if you want to enter a new ITM. If you've previously entered ITMs into the system, you'll be taken to the ITM list view screen. You'll then need to click the ITM Detail View tab at the top of the screen to get to the ITM Detail View screen. (Similar to the Participant Detail view)

3. On the ITM Detail View screen, you'll need to click the "New ITM" button at the bottom-left of the screen.

4. For basic entry of an ITM into the system for your Collaborative, these fields will need to be completed.
* First Name and Last Name
* Institution (The ITM's own institution)
* Category
Choose the option from the drop-down select menu that best describes the ITM you are entering.
* Status (New ITMs are automatically set to Active.)
* Type
You may check Science, Math, or both, but you must select at least one in order for an ITM to be considered official.
* Responsibilities
Give a brief description of what the ITM's responsibilities and contributions to your Collaborative will be.
That's it for the basic entry of an ITM for your Collaborative. This covers all of the information which used to be submitted to the TRC via paper forms.

ITMs and Training Events

This section will explain how to associate ITMs with training events, as instructors and as attendees.

ITMs as Instructors

We want to know how your Collaborative makes use of your ITM resources, so if an ITM is involved with a Training Event as an instructor or other resource, we would like to have that information noted in the record of that Training Event.

To show ITM involvement in a Training Event, follow these steps:
1. Create a new Training Event or go to the record for the existing Training Event you would like to add an ITM to.

2. If creating a new Training Event, be sure to fill in the other required fields before adding the ITM information.

3. Click the ITM Involved field and select the ITM you wish to associate with this event from the dropdown select menu.

ITMs as Attendees

We also want to be able to track if an ITM attends a training event as a regular attendee, but need to keep it separate from the tracking of regular participants.

To add an ITM as an attendee for an event follow these steps.
1. Go to the ITMs record in the ITM section of the DataCenter.

2. In the Training Registration section of the ITM Detail view, which is located in the lower half of the screen, click the Add to Event Registration button.

3. A popup will appear with a list of available training events.

4. Click the name of the Event you wish to add the ITM to as an attendee and then click the Add button at the bottom of the popup window.

5. The training will then show up in the Science Events or Math Events section, as appropriate along with the credit hours for the event.

Other ITM information

This section will cover some other useful information for working with ITMs.

ITM List View

There is an available List View for ITMs. To view your ITMs in a single list, click the ITM List View button at the top of the ITM Detail View screen.

Filtering ITMs for Math and Science:

To see only Science or Math ITMs

1. Go to the ITM Detail View

2. Click the Search button at the bottom of the screen. The screen will then switch to Search mode.

3. Select either Math or Science under Type and press the Enter/Return key.

To unfilter, simply click the Show All button at the bottom of the screen.