Quick Help: Adding or Changing Schools: 9

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    The look-up and pre-filling of School information is probably the most time-saving parts of the DataCenter. It's also the most complex. So when a Participant has changed schools since the last time the TEA Master List was updated, it takes a few extra steps to change that Participant's school information.


    TEA School = Public schools and educational institutions (Charter Schools, etc.) which are tracked by the TEA.
    Non-TEA School = Private and other educational institutions which are not tracked by the TEA and therefor do not appear in the TEA's database.

    Add or Changing a TEA School

    If the Particiapnt you entered is listed with incorrect or non-existent School information and they teach at a TEA School, follow these steps.

    1. Click the [ Add/Change (TEA) ] button to the right of the School/Campus name field.

    Add Change School Button Location

    2. The Change School pop-up will appear

    3. Begin typing the name of the school you are looking for into the text box.

    4. When the School you are looking for appears in the list below the text box, click the name to highlight it then click the [Select] button.

    5. Click the [OK] button to confirm your selection

    6. The pop-up will now go away and the school information will be filled from the TEA's data.

    IMPORTANT: A Note On School Names

    Just as with peole, schools can have both nicknames and fullnames. If the search box is not finding the school you are looking for, make sure you are using the school's full name.

    For example: A school listed as Smith Elementary, might be officially called A Z Smith Elementary. Thus just typing in "Smith" may fail to return the school you're looking for. So be sure to double-check for the school's official name, before giving up and filling the school's name in manually or leaving this section blank.

    Dealing WIth Non-TEA Schools

    As there was no reliable list of Non-TEA Schools available at the time the DataCenter was built, there was no way to pre-populate the system with Non-TEA Schools. This means that any Non-TEA School information will have to be entered manually.

    That's the bad news.

    The good news is that you should only have to do so once. The system will then rembmer the school and allow you to select it again in the future from it's own list of schools.

    Adding a Non-TEA School

    If you're starting out without any Schools in your Non-TEA list, the first thing you'll need to do is add the missing school. To do this...

    1. Click the [Change School (non TEA)] button
    2. Press the ESC key. This will present you with a set of blank School/District fields
    3. Fill in the these fields as normal.
    4. Don't forget the District tab as well, if you have district information for the new school.)

    That's pretty much it.

    Changing to Non-TEA School

    If you need to change a Participant's school informaiton and the school you're looking for does can not be found using the "Change to TEA School" method. (It never hurts to look there first.) Follow these steps.

    1. Click the [Change School (non TEA)] button
    2. Select the correct School from the dropdown list which will appear.
    3. Continue entering data as normal.