Quick Help: Changing Schools: 2

    The Quick Help guides are designed to give easy step-by-step information for performing common tasks in the DataCenter. For more in depth explainations or questions, please consult the main DataCenter Documentation.


    The lookup and pre-filling of School information is probably the most time-saving parts of the DataCenter. It's also the most complex. So when a Participant has changed schools since the last time the TEA Master List was updated, it takes a few extra steps to change that Participant's school information.


    TEA School = Public schools and educational institutions (Charter Schools, etc.) which are governed/tracked by the TEA.
    Non-TEA School = Private and other educational institutions which are not tracked by the TEA and therefor do not appear in the TEA's database.

    Changing to a TEA School

    If the Particiapnt you entered is listed with incorrect or non-existent School information and they teach at a TEA School, follow these steps.

    1. Click the [Change School (TEA)] button next to the School/Campus name field.