Webinar Meetings Adobe Connect: 3

    Connect GraphicIntroduction

    The Texas Regional Collaboratives has a license with Adobe Connect which allows us to have up to 5 online meeting rooms occupied with up to 100 simultaneous attendees. These rooms will be used for the most for meetings originating from the State TRC office or meetings which involve participants from multiple TRC regions.  An Adobe Connect meeting can support:

    a Type A meeting in which there is one presenter who is streaming their video/audio and  shared screen with attendees or
    a Type B  meeting in which all or at least several attendees are able to share their video/audio and screen.

    Participating in the first of these is quite simple as does not require any application other than a recent browser with Flash capability.  While you will not be able to verbally talk to the presenter, a shared chat window will allow you to ask questions are make comments during the meeting. This web page will address  Type A meeting participation.  We will list the equipment and skills you need to be a presenter soon.

    Attending a TRC Webinar Meeting

    You will be given the URL for the meeting and a log in process via email. You can access this URL with any recent browser that supports Flash. Visit the Adobe Connect Meeting Test Page ahead of time to check for any compatibility issues. Item 4 in this test is for a Flash plug-in that only presenters need. Log in may require your email and a password, or you may be ask to join as a guest in your invitation.  If you are ask to join as a guest enter your full name First and Last and wait to be accepted into the meeting.  Watch this short video if you are about attend your first TRC webinar meeting.

    The meeting room will be presented as a group of pods, with the specific layout being determined by the presenter.  These pods can include any or all of the following basic pods:

    • Live video and audio from the presenter or other attendees that the presenters enables,
    • A chat room that allows chat among all attendees or just to the presenter,
    • A pod for the presenter to share anything visible on their display, or a set of slides,
    • A pod for downloadable files that support the meeting,
    • A pod for sharing web links.  When the presenter can use this pod to control your browser opening up web pages as you listen.  If this occurs you will need to know how to close these pages to get back to the meeting room,
    • A Notes pod for taking notes.  The presenter may ask an attendee to take meetings notes or use this pod for collaborative writing.
    • A whiteboard pod for collaborative authoring,
    If your local network does not have enough bandwidth or blocks your access to the live meeting, you may still be able to watch the archived version of the meeting.