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trc SpecialistThis Wiki and blog will be for posting tips and techniques for using the various tools that will provide the infrastructure for the TRC Online Learning Community. We will share step sheets, examples, and when appropriate "show me" movies to demonstrate how to participate with each application.

Because we will be using a variety of web applications, you will need a plan for keeping up with the log-in process for each tool. We recommend that you create a Word or other doc to maintain a common place to store the name and password, and in some cases url for each collaborative application.

Problems Joining the TOLC Ning Network

Most educators are able to easily accept the invitation sent to them from the system and use the network with no difficulty. However, a small percent need to do a little troubleshooting when first beginning. We are using a public Web 2.0 tool and can not directly access the system to solve log-in problems. The following bullets may help you solve sign up problems. We will add to this list as we learn more.

  • You must join with the exactly the same email to which you received the invitation.
  • If you are joining with a CPU on which someone else has joined, you must log them out before trying the invitation. If you miss this step, you will need to get someone to send you another invitation.
  • If no one, can join from your campus, then your district may be blocking the Ning.com site. Email Keith for a letter appropriate for an IT staff to request this tool be unblocked.
  • If others on your network can join, but you cannot, have your IT staff check the security settings on your CPU.
  • A few people that could not join at school, have learned that if they join from home, they can then log in with no problem from work.
  • You may need to create a new email if your efforts fail at signing on with your institutional email. Free email address can be obtained at Yahoo and Google. If you follow this process, you will need to check this new email regularly or check the TOLC pages on a regular basis.
  • Note, once you are into the system once, your log in information is saved in a cookie so that you do not have to log in again. Be sure to record your log in information in case this variable is lost or you wish to sign in from another CPU.

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