A Window for Restless Tides

June 1, 1991
St. James Barbados, West Indies

Descending cautiously

along soft-colored strata of eroded aged rocks

crowned with beach morning glory making a purple statement

as it purposefully weaves

elongated patterns of support upon weathered terrain

watery wave sounds, muffled sounds

accented with unsynchronized popping clicks of pistol shrimp

a calliope of repetitive sounds

that beckons one closer to view liquid windows

randomly scattered on a dense wet carpet

peppered with brown encrusted razar-edged porous coral

punctuated with dark craggy dens of cushioned surprises

speared with black, red, and white thin piercing needles.

An impressionist’s canvas of pigmented creatures

cast a halo effect of submerged beauty.

Chiseled rock ledges frame the window

producing quiet shades of camouflage for a nomadic limpet

undulating its fleshy margin in harmony

within the seemingly restful retreat.

Streaking sunlight orchestrates a fluid rhythm and

provides snapshots of intense diversity which piques one’s senses.

A star of brittle form glides determined extended arms awkwardly

among the finely textured bottom.

Tapered green blades conceal fish stenciled with drill sergeant stripes

and gossamer ruffles of green

provide cool intermittent shadows for elusive blunt-nosed speckled fish

etching darting designs in concert with a feathery flat worm

coordinating its pink- skinned ciliated podia

moving segments in unison sliding and jerking side to side

toward pitted coral of refuge.

Zig- zagged marked shells and

armored “suction cups” ringed with an aurora of cottony fuzz

(oblivious to the windows of delight)

adhere tightly to calcareous, pocked walls

sharing their niche with tufts of cropped punk-rock hair

enhancing the composition of the liquid snapshot.

A sunlight wave length below the line of water

reveals a shell of top- hat elegance

among deliberately formed fleshy globes

of translucent grape appendages sporting vinyl coats.


the window for restless tides shimmers nervously

anticipating its vulnerability to the harsh energy powered waves

that will spew bubbled white froth.

Shaken and agitated the window strains to capture a reflective moment

- a dark image –

two stately framed Bajan boys armed with assault weapons

searching for their seafood buffet.

Barbados: Tidal Pool

©2010 James P. Barufaldi. All rights reserved.