Urban Sounds

Austin Nature Center
Austin, Texas

Waiting in heavy, moist September air,
listening to sounds of urban motion.

steel vibrations of machines,
along paths,
connecting points from here to there.

planes overhead,
jetting metal noises,
to “who knows where”.

children playing, running, screaming,
among pebbled ways,
lacking focus,
calling out, “Let’s play ball!”

unseen birds,
projecting determined signals,
attracting others to join.

migration butterflies
pastel frames of beauty,
flitting among a collage of colors.

leathery ebony dragonflies,
fanning breezes,
through synchronized zig zag movements.

red-earned turtles,
gliding through mirrored pea-soup,
gurgling bubbles,
among a well-planned niche,
with waterfalls of electric power.
sunfish and perch,
forming patterned ripples of watery sounds,
leaping for pellets of nourishment,
delivered by soft-spoken visitors.

chalky-white strata,
embracing secretive clues from animals’ past,
harboring purple-grape American Beautyberry,
reflecting the sounds of time.

cattails bending
their wispy white explosive veils,
quiet in the still air.

Confined within an oasis of urban sounds.