Cameron, Will You

Austin, Texas

Cameron, will you …

help Mommy change my poopy diaper?
It is very stinky!

tickle me?
You and Daddy tickle each other!

help me buckle-up for safety?
You like to help

help me make tasty pancakes with Grandma Door?
They are delicious!

take me on long hikes to the park with Papa Jim?
You like to pick up sticks!

find airplanes flying high in the blue Austin sky for me?
You like airplanes!

take me for a ride in your red wagon?
You like to ride to the playground in your wagon.

make pretend peas and corn form playdough for me?
Playdough does not taste very good!

help me to tumble?
You like gymnastics.

sing, “I’m a Little Tea Pot” for me?
You love this song.

share your flashlight with me?
You make tiny, big, and funny circles of light on the ceiling.

blow kisses and hug me tight?
You give big hugs and goodnight kisses.

teach me “God is great, God is good, let us thank him
for our food,” Amen?
You like to hold hands and say AMEN.

Cameron, will you share the Moon and special secrets with me?

I am so happy to have a big sister
I am so happy to be your little sister.

Cameron, will you play with me?

xxxxxxxxxxx Samantha oooooooooooo

©2010 James P. Barufaldi. All rights reserved.