Austin, TX

Precious, so tiny
a gem,
appearing on a day of celestial triangulation

A lunar occurrence of fullness.

Hale-Bopp’s Comet
of beamed light, a radiating trail
in the Northwestern sky.

Mars, bright,
hanging reflectively
on the horizon.

All in full view.
Happenings of delight

Precious, so tiny,
a gem,
opening unfocused eyes.
Moving, strong, making sounds of want.
Fingers small, dainty, soft skin, pink, pure, fragile,
being nourished one day at a time.

Precious, so tiny
a gem,
with facets of great strength,
determination and perseverance,
born of proud heritage.

Precious, so tiny a gem
held by Jim and Emily,
thankful for their gift,
a new triangulation of humankind,
a family of three,
loving – caring – understanding.

Precious, so tiny
a gem of wonder,
a triangulation of Interconnectivity,
generations of many patient yesterdays and todays
anticipating new beginnings of happiness and joy.

©2010 James P. Barufaldi. All rights reserved.